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What is KORAS?

Koras is a platform to empower women to achieve a sense of completeness and happiness. It is a place designed for women to create a community amongst themselves. The whole idea behind Koras is to provide a space where women come forward to commence, promote and take their venture forward to gain a life of its own.

It is a place that encourages women to come out of their comfort zone and interact with diverse people so that they become self-independent. KORAS plays the role of a sailor to guide them on their voyage by offering them a platform that they are in search of.

It is a platform for kitty parties, talk shows, group discussions, skill development workshops, knowledge sharing sessions with facilities of banquet halls, art galleries, cafeteria, kids area and conference room. All our facilities are customizable to suit all sorts of events. Our kids’ area is a perfect place for young mothers to leave their children under our guidance. While they attend our in-house workshops or parties, our specially designed workshops and movie time will keep the kids occupied.

Behind every successful women is a tribe of other successful women who have her back




  …looking for identity and recognition… 

Our Skills

Our Team Expertise and Activities

– Finance


-Doctors of different branches of medical care

-Insurance experts

-Entertainment experts



-Fashion and upcoming trend experts

Empowering to reach the EPITOME of success !!!

  • Koras brings to you a learning platform that brings a unique experience of knowledge sharing with a combination of entertainment and playfulness .
  • We let you nurture you and your childs career at the same time with a specially designed kids play area at KORAS .
  • You can enjoy at your fullest, earn while you learn and grow yourself at KORAS.

Koras: Women centric Platform enabling her establish own identity and recognition in the world.


Every Female
  • has some unfulfilled-dream to achieve
  • has hidden-talents wanting to explore
  • wants to learn some new talent/ skills to feel complete
  • has unsatisfied desire to achieve something in life
  • has a hidden-leadership
  • has hidden-entrepreneurship capabilities
Collaborate with Koras to help you market your products or services – cooking recipe, art, music, dance, fashion, fitness, photography, etc. – to a huge crowd. You can convert your talents to your source of income. Also, you can build up your business through networking with the help of Koras.

At Koras we are always…

Ushering Women for
Better Tomorrow